Curriculum vitae
CaT Bobino

  • 04/2017 Speaker, Walnut Creek Women's March on Science
  • 03/2017 Panelist, AAUW Women in STEM panel at College of Alameda
  • 03/2017 Presenter, Girls Talk with The Coalition of 100 Black Women, Silicon Valley
  • 03/2017 Intervew, KBLX radio station
  • 03/2017 Presenter, East Bay Women's Conference
  • 02/2017 Tableing, Black History Event
  • 02/2017 Managed Makerspace, Self e-STEM nonprofit event
  • 02/2017 Author Panel, Books Inc in Alameda, CA
  • 02/2017 Panel Discussion on STEM/Hidden Figures, East Palo Alto Mayor and schools
  • 01/2017 ​Bonding Over Brunch, ​Self e-STEM nonprofit event
  • 12/2016 Fieldtrip to Brocade,​ took students from Ile Omode elementary to Brocade - met with president of company
  • 12/2016 ​Commonwealth Club, ​met Mae Jemison
  • 11/2016 Books Inc.,​ fundraiser
  • 11/2016 Life Model Canvas, ​set up classroom for women with Ayori Se
  • 11/2016 ​Mentoring In Medicine And Science Brunch,​ participant
  • ​11/2016 ​Blacks ​In Tech, Blacks In Business,​ took a student to this event
  • 11/2016 Fashion On The Square,​ volunteer
  • 11/2016 ​Science Festival, ​volunteer with CSU East Bay
  • 10/2016 ​Black Panter 50th Anniversary,​ participant
  • 10/2016 ​Brentwood Community Center,​ presenter and book signing
  • ​10/2016 Girls Who Code,​ speaker
  • 10/2016 ​Dreamforce,​ participant - took girls to all day event
  • 09/2016 Women Who Inspire Excellence,​ participant
  • 09/2016 Women Inspiring Women Conference,​ participant
  • 07/2016 Self e-STEM,​ volunteer for camp - became Secretary for nonprofit
  • ​06/2016 ​Television debut of 'Genius' by Stephen Hawking​, BBC and PBS in U.S. and EU, participant
  • 06/2016 BVAC Television Show, San Francisco, CA,  Host
  • 04/2016 MESA Day Host, UC Davis, CA, Host, Speaker
  • 03/2016 In The Know Book, Oakland, CA, Author
  • 02//2016 Science meets Arts Video, KQED San Francisco, Writer, Host, Director
  • 10/2015 Brain Jam, Hayward CA.  Neurobiology Teacher
  • 10/2015 Civic Prides's "Knowledge is Power" Youth Leadership Conference, Oakland, CA. STEM panelist
  • 10/2015 University Heights High School, Bronx, NY.  speaker
  • 10/2015 Bridges Enrichment Services 2nd Annual Fundraising Luncheon, New Rochelle, NY. Keynote Speaker
  • 10/2015 Tensegrity video for KQED, San Francisco, CA. YouTube . writer, host
  • 08/2015 Building STEAMs Live Stream, Oakland, CA. co-founder, speaker
  • 07/2015 Oakland Teen Empowerment Pageant, Oakland, CA. collaborator, speaker, new board member
  • 04/2015 You Should Know - Blog for Scientific American, online . subject matter
  • 04/2015 “Moment for Mission” at Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland, CA. speaker
  • 04/2015 Career Day at San Leandro High, San Leandro, CA. speaker
  • 03/2015 Career Day at Greenleaf Elementary school, Oakland, CA. speaker
  • 03/2015 SEM Link Annual SF Bay STEM Career Fair, Oakland, CA. presenter
  • 12/2014 [email protected], San Francisco, CA. Presenter
  • 11/2014 Science and Stepping Festival, Oakland, CA.  Organizer and presenter
  • 10/2014 San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, CA. Interviewed and filmed Conservation work at the zoo for women in STEM
  • 10/2014 STEM Women's Luncheon with Boy Scouts of America, Pleasanton, CA. Mentor for young girls.
  • 10/2014 Ant research, San Francisco, CA.  Aid for ant trapping
  • 09/2014 East Bay Regional Parks, Ohlone, CA. Aid for camera trapping
  • 07/2014 Palo Alto Jr. Museum and Zoo, Palo Alto, CA. Hosted science show at the museum
  • 06/2014 Randall Museum, San Francisco, CA. Hosted science show
  • 06/2014 Women in STEM Luncheon, Emeryville, CA. Attendee
  • 06/2014 CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA. Picked to represent Biology department in marketing
  • 06/2014 Committee on Instruction and Curriculum, Hayward, CA. graduate student advisor
  • 04/2014 STEM Career Awareness Day, Emeryville, CA. Presenter
California State University, East Bay
MS in Conservation Ecology                                                                                                           2016
Advisor: Dr. Erica Wildy
Stillman College
B.S. in Biology (Cum Laude)                                                                                                           2004
Advisor: Dr. Lee Aggison, Jr.
The Perception/Representation of Women in STEM in the Media, and Its Influence on the Mindset of Children          
  • Worked with many organizations to film professionals in their perspective fields
  • Worked with CSU East Bay’s communications department – equipment/filming/editing
  • Statistical analysis of information gained from an adapted “Draw a Scientist” survey
Investigating apex predators' spatiotemporal response to human development                
2014 – 2015
  • Work in collaboration with East Bay Regional Parks
  • Camera captures in Ohlone Park and Sunol Park
  • Statistical analysis of materials put in spread sheet
Comparative study of microvilli in Pythons vs. Watersnakes                                                   
2003 – 2004
  • Funded by Howard Hughes grant
  • Electron microscopy
  • Inverted-sleeve technique to collect nutrient uptake
  • Utilized scintillation counter
Brain Jam/Brain Bee
Teacher - Mt. Eden High School                                                                                                    2015-2016
I teach neurobiology to high school students through discussion and games
Sarah's Science
Teacher - Elementary                                                                                                                      2013-2015
I taught at a variety of elementary schools hands on science
Intern                                                                                                                                                    2015-2016
Working in the Education and Science Department by aiding in writing, production, and research
The Urban Scientist - Online
Intern                                                                                                                                                     2014 – 2016
Aid Dr. Danielle Lee in researching and writing articles for The Urban Scientist blog with Scientific America., Bay Area Parks, CA
Volunteer                                                                                                                                              2013 – 2014
Monitored camera traps for mountain lion behavior near deceased prey
BioMaAs, Sunol, CA
Biological Monitoring and Assessment Specialist                                                                 2013
Monitored wildlife for the building of a new dam
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Internship                                                                                                                                            2005
Internship in a Neurobiological Laboratory where I did roof plate deletions from 3 day old chicken embryos. Staging, fixing, embedding, dissections, cryostating, and immunohistochemistry
Wildlife Conservation Network
STEM Institute
American Associate for the Advancement of Science
Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professionals
Currently filming a segment called “A CaT Knows” for a show scheduled to be on KOFY 20 in Fall
On camera talent for a National Geographic show scheduled to be shown throughout the United States and Europe.
Documentary on Women in STEM in the Media.
Filmed and produced a short documentary on Women in STEM in the media.
Filmed a science show in correspondence to my thesis where I am the writer, researcher, and host.    We have filmed with:
  • Rotary Nature Center at Lake Merritt
  • Randall Museum
  • Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo
  • CSU East Bay with Science professors
  • Science in the City
  • The Exploratorium
  • Chabot Space and Science Center
  • UC Berkeley's Space Science Laboratory
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • The Marine Mammal Center