Changing the image of Scientists
Participant on "Genius"
Genius with Stephen Hawking
PBS teamed up with National Geographic and Stephen Hawking to bring you "Genius", a series about finding scientific answers to age old questions. As a participant, I was able to travel and film with Bigger Bang TV as they produced this program.  Here is a clip and a photo of me on the show.  To see the full episode, go to your local PBS station for air times or full episodes online!

For photos from the time spent - go to my gallery and see what an amazing time I had out there.  Learning how to be a 'genius' was fun and exciting, and I am cannot wait to do more work within televsion production.  

If you want to learn more about my experience, please feel free to contact me. 

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In The Know is a guidance book for any adult who seeks help in encouraging the children in their lives to consider STEM careers. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM professionals are always going to be in high demand, especially since our society depends on them. Everyone is in need of a doctor, someone to fix their technology, sturdy buildings to live in, and people who understand finances. All of these careers begin with STEM, and this book is full of useful information and tips on how to successfully raise a child to go into one of these fields. In The Know offers worksheets for the reader to fill out that coincide with the tips. 
  1. Teacher
    Teaches students about science and respect for all animals
  2. Biologist
    M.S. Degree in Biology
  3. Speaker
    Mentor, motivational and public speaker
  4. Host
    Science ambassador
CaT Bobino
CaT Bobino is working to increase the number of children of color intrests in STEAM careers.  She is currently working on her Master thesis in Biology at CSU East Bay.  She also works for KQED as a science education intern.  She received her bachelor's degree in Biology from Stillman College. 
CaT Bobino was born and rasied in Oakland, CA.  After living in Texas for almost 10 years, she returned to Oakland to start her career as a science ambassador.  During her time back in Oakland, she has produced a short documentary entitled 'Women in STEM in the Media.'  She has also participated in science festivals, career days, a youth empowerment pageant, and helped create Building STEAMs - an organization designed to bring professionals into the classroom. 
CaT Bobino is a teacher, speaker, scientist, and science ambassador. 
Upcoming Events
  1. Hidden Figures Panel Discussion on Feb 4th
    Hidden Figures movie plus STEM panel discussion at East Side School in East Palo Alto
  2. Black Authors Panel Discussion on Feb. 9th
    Panel Discussion with Black authors at Books Inc. in Alameda